8 Best Hand Mixers

A handheld electric mixer, which is smaller and lighter than a stand mixer but still allows you to whip up a quick recipe for baking or holiday desserts. Hand mixers are essential tools for home bakers and cooks. They can whip up a wide range of food, from mashed potatoes to cake batter to egg yolks.

Although an immersion blender, food processor, and blender can do similar tasks to a hand-mixer, such as whipping up eggs or emulsifying dressing, there are many tasks that a hand-mixer excels at. This tool can make light and fluffy frosting. You can whip coconut milk and heavy cream into fluffy coconut whipped cream, top coconut cream pie with it, or create glossy soft peak egg whites for peppermint meringues.

Handy Mix Scraper

Breville’s hand mixer was the winner of our Kitchen Appliances Lab test. It scored top marks in egg white whipping and cake batter beating, baking mixing, bread dough kneading, and oatmeal cooking mixing. The nine-speed mixer can recognize the attachments you have inserted (beaters dough hooks, whisks, etc.) and adjust its speed accordingly. The quiet scraper beaters have a silicone coating which reduces the noise from beaters hitting the bowl. The light also turns on during beating. This allows you to see into the bowl and makes sure everything is well incorporated.

Softscrape 6 Speed Mixer Hand Mixer

This model is suitable for less complicated mixing tasks such as boxed brownies and cake mix. The Hamilton Beach Softscrape Hand Mixer includes a set traditional beaters, a set silicone-coated beaters for nonstick cookware, bakeware, and plastic bowls, and a single whisk. All of these items fit in a snap-on storage box.

The hand mixer performed better in whipping cream, egg whites, and mixing yellow cakes during our tests. It needed assistance when mixing the cookie dough. It was very simple to attach the accessories and use controls. This hand mixer has six speeds and can also be used at high speed. It is similar to a blender’s pulse feature. This is especially useful when whipping up stiff frostings or creaming butter that hasn’t softened completely.

Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Although we haven’t tested the mixer in the Lab, over 31,000 Amazon reviewers love this affordable mixer. It comes with a snap-on bag to store your beaters. The best feature of Amazon’s mixer is its built-in storage. They no longer lose beaters in their kitchen drawers. It comes with traditional beaters as well as a whisk attachment. It is important to note that the mixer doesn’t have a low speed. This makes it more difficult to mix flour into batters or start them off slowly.

Power Advantage Plus 9 Speed Hand Mixer

The Cuisinart model was highly rated on Walmart.com and had excellent results in lab testing. It comes with nine speeds, including three low speeds to prevent splattering. Also included are two beaters, two whisks, two dough hooks, and a spatula. All of these items can be stored in a snap-on container.

This hand mixer is lightweight and great for preventing strain. The cord can also be used by both left- and right-handed users. The model scored a perfect score when mixing oatmeal cookie dough, and almost perfect for whipping cream. Note: During our testing, we had to constantly scrape the bowl to mix the batter.

Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Although the KitchenAid Ultra Power handmixer is small, it can still knead dough just as well as a stand mixer. We also tested it with whipped cream. The hand mixer is equipped with five speeds but only has beater attachments and no storage container. This hand mixer is quieter than the other models we tested. It also comes in blue and red which adds an extra dimension to your kitchen. The beaters can be washed in the dishwasher. The power cord is also swivel-able, so it’s easy to use, regardless of whether you’re left- or right-handed.

MultiMix 5 Hand Mixer

The Braun MultiMix is suitable for all levels of bakers, from beginner to professional. The Braun MultiMix passed both the egg white whipping and cookie dough tests. This means that you can use it to make delicate and heavy baking goods. You will also find nine speed settings, two beaters, two whisks, and two dough hooks. The storage pouch is dishwasher safe! attachments. You can adjust your speed by rotating the dial. This allows you to quickly switch between different settings, such as when you are adding flour to a batter or folding nuts into a recipe.

HeatSoft Technology Hand Mixer

This Oster model is ideal for baking in spur-of-the moment, when butter is not at room temperature. The built-in fan blows warm air on cold butter to soften it. There is no need to wait or microwave unevenly. This model will get you moving faster and can plow through cookie dough, whip cream, and other ingredients. The attachments, which can all be stored in a snap-on container, include beaters, dough hooks, and seven speeds. All attachments can only be washed by hand.

Cordless Hand Mixer

The Cordless Hand Mixer by KitchenAid is a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment. It also boasts many great features. The hand mixer is not tied to an outlet so you can use it wherever you like. It can also make four batches of cookies per charge. You have seven speeds, and the soft-start function allows you to increase speed as well as reduce splatter. This model does not include a storage container or beater attachments. Although we haven’t yet tested the hand mixer, Amazon reviews indicate that it is quiet, lightweight, and holds its charge well. This mixer is also great for left- or right-handed users, as it doesn’t require a cord.