Representative/Account Manager At “Fly Plumbing”

Description of the Job Fly Plumbing

Fly Plumbing is seeking an account representative who will manage acquired clients on a daily basis. You will work to establish a trusting relationship with your accounts and ensure that they are satisfied with our services.

You will need to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously, communicate with other team members and provide timelines and action plan information.

Responsibilities Fly Plumbing

  • Assist the client and other internal teams in ensuring that requirements are understood and documented.
  • As the client’s single point of contact, we will communicate with them to understand their needs. We will also keep them updated on project and job progress.
  • Authorize our technicians to do the work.
  • Make sure your technicians follow the client’s rules and that they document all pertinent items.
  • Participate in and provide feedback at all account status meetings
  • Passionately care about our clients, making sure they are satisfied with our services, and that they continue to use us.


  • You must be able multitask even under pressure
  • You will be able to complete various tasks in addition to your daily routines
  • Professionalism and friendliness are essential
  • Fly Plumbing is not an enormous corporation. It will require a lot more strategic thinking.
  • Communication and writing skills must be exceptional
  • You must have exceptional follow-up skills, even without supervision
  • You must be meticulous in all that you do
  • As the company grows, you will need to adapt to new responsibilities
  • You must be self-motivated. Be a quick learner.
  • You must be able to manage 4 clients at once and have great time management skills.


We understand that plumbing problems can happen at any time. There is no need for panic when problems arise. We are experts in plumbing, drain, and sewer services. We are experts in all aspects of plumbing and can help you resolve any issue. You can trust that our experienced plumbers will be professional and confident in your home. Every day, our entire team learns new ways to solve your daily problems.

Your Commercial and Residential Plumbers

Fly Plumbing is trusted by more people in Chicagoland than any other plumbing or drain cleaning company. Fly Plumbing is known for being one of the fastest response teams in the state, and has dependable service to back that up. We know that even the smallest amount can have a significant impact on your personal belongings so we make it a priority to get out there as soon as we can.

We also offer the Following Services

  • Pipe repairs
  • Gas pipe repair
  • Water supply repair
  • Water main replacement
  • Testing of backflow devices
  • Installation and repair of hot water heaters
  • Tenant improvements

We are a complete-service plumbing company that handles water repairs, sump pump repairs, and frozen pipes.