How to start a street “Food Stall”

Have you ever wanted to open a street food stall? All the inspiration you need is here to make your dream a reality.

We are a nation of food-lovers and we’re always open to expanding our palates. A humble food stall has evolved from an added-on at Sunday markets to become a source of inspiration, cuisine, and style. Any foodie who is serious about food should have a favourite food stall.

These pointers will help you get started with your food stall

  • Plan a Food Stall Company
  • A business plan will help you clarify your vision on how your food stall will stand out from the rest and attract customers.
  • Food businesses are very competitive. This is your chance to choose the niche and how you will fill it.

Although a food stall might be small in size, its concept and potential are huge. Therefore, it is important to give the stall the best chance of great success by carefully considering all factors. You’ll need to make these decisions.

  • What kind of food and who you are selling it to
  • What is your competition and why will people choose to work with you? (What’s your unique selling proposition?)
  • The costs of setup, raw materials, and profit margins
  • How to raise upfront investment/funding
  • What you need to set up your stall
  • Who your suppliers (food, packaging, and equipment) will be

You will need to be different if your is to be seated alongside other competitors or in an area with many other dining options.

One way to achieve this is by coming up with a Unique Trademark Recipe

It is possible to create a delicious fusion such as The English Indian. They recreated cod and chips with Indian flair and won an army of foodie fans and awards.

Locate a Street Market Pitch

There are more places for food stalls to be set up than ever before. With street food becoming increasingly popular, every city centre should have a few food stalls at least once a week. You can contact the dedicated market space by using the ‘become an trader’ application pages.

Your local authority should be able help you with on-street pitches. To set up a food stall, you will need either a temporary or permanent licence. Your local council may also designate areas in which they can operate. There may be very few permanent sites.

Food stall often work in conjunction with other food stalls at a market. If you are involved in one of these pitches, it is important to keep track of opening and closing hours.