Before you hire a skip, here are some things to consider

If you’ve never hired a skip before, it can be intimidating. There are many things to consider that you should not forget. What is a cubic yard? What is a skip permit?

It is easy to throw these items in the skip and not think twice about it, but you could be charged for them and have them returned to you.

Skips can be hired from Berwick Skip Hire,

If your skip is located in a public area, it is important to keep an eye on it. People can throw their garbage in your skip. You will be held responsible for the contents of your skip.

You can also choose to hire skips that are locked so you know this will not happen.

Which size skip do you need?

No one, no matter if they are a new customer or returning customers, would expect to know the size of skip they require. Every customer is different so we will help you choose the right size skip for your needs.

The size of your property and the amount you have to dump will determine the size of the skip you need. A skip too small will mean that you might have to hire another skip or pay additional fees. However, you won’t want a skip with too much space.

What is the cost to hire a skip

Skips are not available in a single price. There are many factors that can affect the price of a skip. The skip will cost more if it is larger. Another factor that will affect the price of a skip is the location.

What is a skip permit? Do I need one?

Sometimes, you might not have enough space or a driveway to store a skip. In these cases you will need a permit from the municipality. This is also known as an “on-road skip” and can take up to a few days to arrange.

Are skip companies able to load the skip?

Skip hire does not include labour. The skip provider will only be responsible for delivery and collection. We can discuss with you the possibility of hiring a man and van to load your waste. If you hire a skip, you must load your rubbish and bags in the skip by yourself unless you have an alternative.

What exactly is a wait-and-load service?

People who have limited access to skips or don’t have enough waste can opt for wait-and-load skip services. You will only need to have your waste ready to go in skip bags. The skip lorry will arrive and wait while you load the vehicle. If you require assistance loading the vehicle, you may opt for a man-and-a-van service.

What length of time can I rent a skip?

The cost of hiring a skip usually covers a two week period. However, you can also hire a skip for a shorter or longer time. The skip company can help you decide when the skip will be delivered and collected. You can also request cancellations later if you have a better idea of the time. Your skip company should know at least a few days before you want it collected so they have enough time to make arrangements.

What access requirements are required for skip delivery?

Skips delivered by HGV lorries are usually larger than cars and can be transported via HGV lorries. You will need to ensure that enough space exists for the lorry to transport the skip from your property to the desired location. It is a good idea to measure the space available and ask your skip company whether it will be large enough to accommodate the skip lorry.

What can you put into your skip?

Skip hire can have weight restrictions, but this is not usually an issue with domestic skip hire. This question is more relevant to those who hire a skip for commercial or construction waste. Heavy waste, such as bricks, soil and rubble, must be disposed of according to the skip hired.

What does it mean to be level loaded?

You will hear the term ‘level loaded’ when hiring a skip. This is used to describe the area in which waste cannot exceed the skip’s limit. You may not be allowed to collect your skip if it exceeds this height. The skip driver may also ask you to take away any waste that is left behind.

It is important to follow the level loaded rule. Also, ensure you don’t fill this line with too much. Overloading skips can cause injury or damage to others and make them unsafe to transport.