How to buy a house in Enfield?

If you speculate that buying a home in Enfield is your dream and achieving it is out of your reach, then you don’t have to worry about fulfilling your dream. We are here to assist you in reaching that milestone on the London property ladder. To stay updated with the recent developments that can help you to purchase and to share ownership homes in Enfield, you must sign up and register to receive all the notifications and alerts.

Whenever a new property is updated, you will receive a notification. Enfield is continuing to boom as developments and investments are growing in areas like residence and recreation. There is also easy access and explosion in the capital market, excellent transportation links, etc.

When you are considering buying a home in Enfield ensure that you meet certain criteria. These include:

  • Affordability: Calculate the amount that you can afford and is willing to spend on your new apartment. A budget calculation is vital to ensure that the mortgage is affordable. A newly constructed home might require certain new furnishings, on the other hand, an older property might need some renovation like re-flooring, electrical works, tiles, etc. Take into consideration all these expenses like charges of a conveyancing lawyer in Enfield, stamp duty, other charges in addition to buying a home.
  • Other expenses: It is important to learn budgeting from an early age. The expenses like electricity bills and gas, tax, repairs, etc have to be paid on time. 
  • Experienced assistance: A person who has experience in buying homes will be able to provide you with better guidance. You could also take advice from your parents or a genuine home owing friend for assistance while looking for home-owning property. 
  • Council Tax: Ensure that you are aware of the council tax charges of your newly based property. It is the responsibility of the selling agent to relate the details about the tax band of your house that you are looking for and also the charges that are levied by the administrators 
  • Transport: Transport is another area of concern. The availability of the public transport services like the nearest railway station, the frequency of the bus or train services, etc. The airport facilities, the availability of the flights from the local airport, its frequency, etc. If you drive a car, the insurance premiums of your car might rise as you move from a low-crime area city to a town with a lower crime rate.
  • Local amenities: The important local amenities like restaurants, shops, parks, cinema theater, sports centers, etc must be easily accessible. You can take a stroll or go for a bicycle ride to check on these available facilities before you decide to shift.
  • Commuting: Commuting comes as the biggest household expense. Suppose the properties are expensive near to your workplace you can check with your friends as you weigh the extra cost of traveling expenses. You could even check with your colleagues about lift sharing with anyone from the same locality. 
  • Internet and networks: As the internet is a necessity of every person. But if you are a heavy internet user, then it is wise to check the broadband or the speed of the Internet of the area that you are moving to.

Here are some Home buying tips as buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime.

  • Decide what kind of home you want to buy and what style fits your needs.
  • Know your financial stability as you verify your credit report and the finances. Get the help of a wealth management company such as Piccadilly.
  • Determining your budget to know how much you can spend for the house and sticking to that budget
  • Review all the mortgage options and get a pre-approved mortgage option
  • Hiring a professional realtor will guide you and explain all the processes that are involved in buying a home
  • Get a home appraisal to know the current market value of the property that you are interested to buy
  • Getting a professional home appraisal who provides a fair current market value of the property that you intent to buy
  • By hiring a real estate lawyer who will review the agreement and ensure everything is legally binding.
  • A home inspection must be done to identify any issues about the property and negotiate accordingly or even withdraw your offer
  • A thorough inspection must be made for the property on the closing day
  • It is wise to have an emergency contingency fund that comes to your rescue in case you are unable to pay the mortgage for a short period because of some financial turmoil

With good planning, research, and reaching out to the experts, you will be able to overcome any difficulties that might come your way in owning your dream house in Enfield.