How to sell a House Quickly

Just the thought of selling your home can create serious stress. After all, in most cases, the process itself can be a drawn-out one that takes up your time and energy. Fortunately, selling a house quickly is possible, and it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. What can you do to make it happen? Take a look.

Start with a Checklist

There’s so much to do as you prepare your home to put it on the market. Begin by knowing the market value of your home. Pricing your home well will help it sell much faster. After that, have your house sale ready. Make sure it’s in good condition, that you’ve handled any required appeals, and that it has great kerb appeal. Selling quickly means ensuring that every aspect of t the property is neat, clean, meticulous, and welcoming. The first impressions are critical and most potential buyers make up their minds based on what they see within the first few minutes. Hence, you should tidy up the front of the home, paint the house if necessary and make the entrance warm and inviting. Remove all personal features and belongings; make the home neutral so that the potential buyer can put his or her own stamp on the home. You may even want to have a pre-sale inspection to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything. Next, decide how you want to sell your home. Traditionally, you simply contact an estate agent to handle all of the details, but you could also work to sell your home on your own, sell it at auction, or work with a cash investor. After you’ve chosen the method of selling your home, you’re ready to either list it or work with the professionals to get it sold.

Note the Costs Involved

Selling a house quickly in the UK comes with a number of costs with which you should familiarise yourself. Initially, you’ll need an EPC that could cost up to a few hundred pounds. From there, the additional fees will depend on how you sell your home. If you use an estate agent, you will pay commission fees of between two and five percent. If you choose to sell it on your own, expect fees for the adverts involved in the process. Should you choose to sell your home at auction, you will pay a fee to the auction house involved as well. You will need to pay for a home survey, too. If you hire a licensed inspector to survey the house, the fees will usually range from £700 to $1800, depending on the type, size, and location of your property. The fees will increase if the inspection involves surveying the existing property and the purchase of a new home. In most cases, with the traditional route of selling a home, the seller is responsible for the home inspection fees. Fortunately, you won’t really have to worry about tax fees. Generally, there are none if you’re selling your primary home. However, if you have several homes then you may need to pay capital gains tax on any profit you make. In addition, anytime you sell a second home or a buy-to-let property, there is a capital gains tax. Unfortunately, no matter how you sell your home, you’ll need to pay solicitor fees that depend on several factors including the total value of the home and the state of the home. Expect to pay anywhere between £500 to £1500 for the solicitor fees.

Anticipate and Be Ready

Selling a house quickly also means that you need to be ready for almost anything. Most people who will be selling their homes quickly will also be looking to purchase another property where they can stay, and that can create a property chain. For example, you may have a buyer for your home but you may not be able to find another home for yourself or you may be able to find a home for yourself but they may not be a buyer for your first home. Hence, you should always anticipate what you would do in these scenarios.

Many Things to Consider

If you’re selling a house quickly, there are many different things to consider, but it doesn’t have to be the stressful process you imagined. Instead, you have many options. As long as you can anticipate what you want to do to move forward, getting your house on and off the market quite quickly is very possible.