Hoya Lacunosa: Care | Top Tips!

Hoya Lacunosa, a small plant with waxy leaves, is part of the Hoya family. It is a tropical plant that needs bright light and lots of humidity. It is a great choice for adding depth to shelves or making a desk plant. For a detailed Hoya Lacunosa care manual, please continue reading.

Hoya Lacunosa Light Requirements

The Hoya Lacunosa, like other members of the Hoya Family, thrives under bright light. The plant can be grown in most parts of North America and Europe, but it will struggle to thrive in direct sunlight. If you live near the Equator or in areas that receive intense sun, you might need to shade the plant to prevent damage. They can tolerate a lot of sunlight and will bloom if they get enough.

Hoya Lacunosa Watering Needs

Your plant will need watering approximately once per week. However, this can change in winter and during hot weather. Hoyas do not like to sit in waterlogged soil, but they can be irrigated regularly. Allow the soil to dry between waterings and then water your plant well. You should ensure that your Hoya’s pot has drainage holes. Your plant will not be able to thrive if it is left in soggy soil for too long. Let the water run through the drainage holes. Once it stops dripping, you can return the plant to its normal place in your home.

Lacunosa Humidity

Hoyas can live in any humidity level, but they will be more vulnerable in dry and more arid environments. The Hoya Lacunosa is a tropical Hoya and is therefore more accustomed to humid environments. We recommend misting spring garden apartments your Hoya with a plant mister if you’re unable to provide high humidity. This should give them the moisture they require, but for best growth we recommend buying a humidifier.

Lacunosa Soil Type

Hoya Lacunosa can be grown on other plants, so don’t use dense soil mixes that prevent water from draining away. For aeration, we recommend using a well-balanced soil mix and adding perlite.


Use a balanced standard fertilizer to fertilize your Hoya lacunosa throughout the growing season. We recommend that you give your plant a dose of fertiliser to ensure it is not too strong.

To sum up, Hoya Lacunosa needs to be taken care of in the following ways:

  • Bright direct sunlight
  • High humidity
  • Regular watering
  • Drainage holes
  • Fertilizing during the growing season
  • Soil that drains well
  • Bark or wood bits added