How to Select the Ideal Kitchen Worktops

Are you unsure which type of kitchen worktop is right for your space? House Of Worktops’s unique source to customer process differentiates us from other retailers of Kitchen Worktops who concentrate on a small portion or all of the supply chain. It allows us to exert more control and quality assurance on our products and to achieve our goals of being environmentally responsible. Check out these tips on selecting the ideal countertop.

When planning a kitchen remodel, the ideal worktops must be taken into consideration. You may already have other design elements chosen such as the color scheme for walls and cabinets in mind; but for countertops specifically, selecting the material that best fits the look you desire is key in bringing all of it together.


When selecting a countertop for your kitchen, take into account what you plan to use it for and how often you cook and prepare food at home. A durable countertop that can withstand years of regular use with regular cleaning products will be ideal. On the other hand, if entertaining more often and using up less of the surface is your style then going with something cheaper yet still attractive may be possible.

Kitchen worktops are an iconic element in your cooking space, so to select the most practical countertop material that complements cabinets, floors and other elements in your home is important. Here are a few tips to help you select the ideal countertop material:

When selecting kitchen countertops, material is key. Popular choices include wood, stone man-made composite and laminate; each offering its unique benefits. Natural wood and stone with their varied hues and markings make stunning additions to the traditional kitchen; however they may scratch or stain if not regularly sealed and maintained.

Brick/Blockwork with Topcoat Finish

An appealing alternative is man-made composite material like quartz or Corian that combines natural minerals and resin for high quality surfaces that are impervious and easy to care for. However, these can be pricey options that require professional installation. Laminates offer the cost effective option of mimicking many finishes such as veined marble or weathered wood without the cost, plus they’re waterproof! Stainless steel and concrete are becoming increasingly sought-after options when creating an industrial look at lower costs.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

Does granite exist?

Yes, according to Jon Brewer – managing director and co-founder of Purple Granite – granite was formed through millions of years of cooling magma under pressurised conditions over many millions of years, leaving behind the hard, scratch and heat resistant rock known as granite. Once sealed, it also repels stains. Plus, once installed, no maintenance is needed after installation according to Brewer.

What is the ideal way to use it as a kitchen worktop?

Granite is one of the most sought-after kitchen countertop materials due to its ease of upkeep and superior durability. Sealing every ten years ensures your granite counters remain spotless and resistant to scratches or chips, while heat resistance lets you place pans directly on top without fear of melting or scratching. Granite also boasts incredible heat resistance – up to 1,000 degrees Celsius!

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Maintenance Ease?

Cleaning can be a snap with just some microfiber cloths, warm water, and an ordinary soap or granite spray (opens in new tab). Avoid chemical cleaners that are harsh or abrasive as well as sponges.

What Are the Downsides?

Unfortunately, you are limited in what type of splashback you can choose from. Granite edging backsplashes cannot be accommodated and you must opt for a full-height pane splashback instead.

Quartz, as its commonly known, can be found around the world.

Man-made alternatives for natural stones like marble and granite exist. Industrial techniques use resins and reinforcement of quartz crystals in order to create a robust and durable worktop that can be tailored according to your specifications.

Quartz has gained in popularity as a more consistent modern stone work surface. It naturally resists scratching and staining, however it is less heat resistant than granite, according to Purple Granite owner Jon Brewer.

What are the advantages of granite as a kitchen worktop?

One of the more appealing advantages of quartz kitchen worktops is their natural stone look and feel combined with low-maintenance requirements typically associated with synthetic materials. Quartz is stronger than granite in that it requires only occasional resealing to prevent chipping or damage, however it cannot absorb heat well so should not be used for placing hot pots or tray dishes on them.

Maintenance Ease

Granite quartz surfaces are remarkably easy to keep clean for everyday use; all that’s required is a soft cloth and some soapy water.