Negative habits that can sabotage property investment

Negative people are a common companion

Do you know people who see the world only half-full?

They are the ones who complain about rainy days and vice versa.

Although some people have an emotional thermostat that is set automatically, it can still have a negative effect on you. Offering property management for condos and co-ops throughout New York City. Top-quality service and cutting-edge technology that really aims to delight. Daisy is a building operating system with incredible instant response times. Applications for board members as well as residents keep everyone connected and up-to-date.

You have to admit it… Have you ever had friends or family question your decision to buy the next property in your property investment journey?

I’m certain you do.

Their opinion, unless they’re property experts, is their opinion.

It is unlikely that you will be more successful if you spend too much time with people who are negative.

Comparing yourself with others

Do not compare your chapter 1 with another chapter 20. It doesn’t make any sense and will only disappoint.


Simply put, your reality will be your reality.

It is impossible to be like anyone else, so it makes no sense to compare yourself with others. Your strategy will suit your investment goals and your goals best.

It will be informed by both your risk profile and your initial capital. Both are 100 percent individual.

Half-hearted goal-setting

You might say that some goals are better than others.

Too many investors only buy one or two properties and have no strategy. Many investors either give up at this point due to a lack of goals, or because they have hit a financial roadblock by not buying investment-grade properties.

Investors who are successful have a strategy that involves many steps over the long-term.

The trick is that they mark each step or property purchase as they go along their journey to achieve their goal.

They know that it will take many small steps, as well as dedication and time to achieve the ultimate prize.

They recognize that property investment is a long-term journey, not an instant. The property they ultimately purchase will reflect the many decisions they have made along the way.

Investors who are most successful don’t quit and always know where they are headed.

It all boils down to…

There is no perfect person.

All of us have habits that we don’t find very helpful.

It is important to get rid of toxic habits that keep us from moving forward.

Then, create more positive habits that will help us get on the right path to riches and not the poverty house.