How to choose the perfect shower hose

It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a shower tube. What connections and finishes go with the shower and taps in your bathroom? Here’s a guide to help you determine which model matches your existing bathroom and what fits. Please consider your health when making your purchase. Make sure you choose a shower hose that is compliant with the drinking water standards.

Do not compromise on quality, comfort, or design

Shower hoses are available in a variety of places: online, at discount stores, specialty bathroom retailers, and building supply stores. Your shower hose may not be as important as your faucets, shower heads, or bathroom furniture. If you do have the option, it would be great if your hose was durable and blended seamlessly with your bathroom design. It could cascade nicely with no twists or kinks. Also, a shower hose that rubs or scratches the skin is not recommended when you are showering, taking a bath, or washing your hair. You can even use one that releases plasticizers (phthalates).

Every good shower hose has been tested for safe drinking water.

If we are allowed to, our recommendation would be to purchase a shower hose that is safe for drinking water. If the water contains harmful substances or sub-standard plastics, then that bargain purchase will suddenly seem like a waste of money. All hansgrohe showerhoses can be used with water. This high-end brand only uses flawless, high-quality materials and parts. These hoses are safe to use with water because they only come in contact with high-quality materials. Good hand showers are no different.

What length is a convenient shower hose?

The length of your showerhose will depend on whether you are showering in the tub or in the shower. Are you able to stand or sit while taking a shower? Are you tall? Are you tall enough to have a rail that slides your shower support up above you? Is your shower hose hanging from a low or high-height thermostatic mixer? Is your water coming out of the wall, as it would with a concealed installation? When determining the length of your bathroom, you should take into account how it is set up.

The standard lengths of shower hoses are:

1.25m: This is the perfect size for a bathtub, so the hose doesn’t get in the way of your bath.

1.60m: This is the perfect size for the shower, as it allows people to move more freely and provides a more enjoyable experience.

2.50 metres: This allows you to shower in the bathtub from a distance of 2.00 meters. You can still enjoy the large shower head height even though the tap has been mounted lower than usual.

What material makes a high-quality shower hose?

Shower hoses made from high-quality, durable materials are long-lasting. They can kink, tear or have holes, and then they will soon leak. Glimmering hoses are a waste of water and bad hoses. Metal hoses were once synonymous with high quality, but good plastic hoses can be just as durable. There are many benefits to plastic hoses. They are more gentle on skin and bathroom ceramics, and they are easier to clean. Make sure your shower hose is labeled “kinkproof” or “kink protected”. This will help prevent water blockages and premature wear. Do the “scratch-test” in the shop. How does the shower head feel against your skin? You must get rid of any scraping or poor-quality finishes.

Gorgeous shower hoses: Which design is it?

You can choose between a classic metal look or a modern, plastic one. It all depends on your personal taste. We recommend that you purchase a shower hose with a plastic jacket to protect your skin and hair from being pinched by metal designs. You can match the colour of your chrome taps or shower hoses to chrome films. In your bathroom, the shining metal look will be timeless and elegant. A trendy metal coil made from plastic creates visual highlights. White hose looks great with white tiles or hand showers. You can make a fresh contrast with trendy colours like red, gold, green, and blue.

What connections are needed to fit a shower hose?

It is simple to attach and unattach a high-quality showerhose. It is simple to replace. Before you purchase your new hose, make sure to check the connections sizes. Shower mixers typically have a 1/2-inch thread. Most shower hoses are also standardised to this length (on both ends). It is rare to find a 3/4 inch thread. Tip: You can add connectors to make these connections work with 1/2-inch hoses. Still unsure? You can simply unscrew the old hose and bring it to the shop. You should also inspect the quality of the connections. A brass-plated nut is a great addition. Also, make sure you have the seals required for installation in the packaging.