Bouquet of “Roses and Sunflowers”

Sunflower rose bouquet roses and sunflowers

Are you as passionate about sunflowers as I am? I love sunflowers because of their radiant, sunny appearance. Sunflowers are a sign of spring and summer, and they last well into autumn. Today I am combining them with roses and sunflowers, another favorite flower of mine. The rustic sunflowers really stand out against the elegant roses.

You can make beautiful seasonal home decor with a homemade sunflower bouquet and roses. This bouquet will look great on a fall tablescape, and make a great conversation piece. A sunflower rose bouquet is also a great choice for a fall wedding or baby shower.

Learn how to create a cheerful sunflower bouquet and rose arrangement! Learn the best ways to buy fresh flowers and how you can create a stunning sunflower rose bouquet. Sunflowers and make a beautiful combination for weddings and home decor.

  • Materials to make a bouquet of roses or sunflowers
  • This beautiful arrangement can be made with just three types of plants:

Sunflowers: Avoid the large-headed sunflowers for this bouquet. Instead, choose small-headed sunflowers. Check that the stems of sunflowers you buy at a flower shop or grocery are strong and intact. Sunflowers with weak, softened stems won’t last long.

Roses: To complement the sunflowers, I used a mixture of red and yellow roses. Further down, I will discuss other combinations of sunflower roses.

Hypericum: I used hypericum red as foliage, and also as a substitute for filler flowers. The leaves and ruby berries add movement to the roses and combine them with the sunflowers.

Variations of sunflower bouquets 

This simple bouquet has the advantage of allowing you to mix and match different rose colors and hypericums with sunflowers. It’s so much fun to mix up roses! There are many choices: red, pink, white and yellow roses. You can also swap the pink or white hypericum for a red one.

These are some ideas to get your creative juices going

Red roses: The combination of red roses and yellow sunflowers is a beautiful symbol of love and happiness. This combination makes a great choice for a wedding or as a gift for mom. This combination would be a great substitute for hypericum.

Yellow roses: A bouquet of yellow hermes garden party will double the sun. If you choose yellow-on-yellow roses, make sure they are not the same shade as your sunflowers. The bouquet may look dull if it is not. This is a wonderful way to gift a friend.

White roses: Timeless golden sunflowers and white roses look sophisticated and elegant. A bouquet of white is a great gift for anniversaries or retirement wishes.