SOS Plumbing: Now Serving Orange County

Family-owned SOS Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service is proud of the professionalism, expertise and service we provide, from our office staff to the managers to our technicians on the ground. Our people are SMEs (Subject Matter Specialists) in their respective fields.

SOS Plumbing Technicians and managers who visit your home 

Our work is not outsourced. The technicians and managers who visit your home or business to solve your plumbing problems are the ones who do the magic. Our licensed technicians have years of experience and can design a solution that suits your needs. Our managers have extensive experience in many types of plumbing.

Paul from SOS Plumbing was contacted by my wife and me when our upstairs sink was backed up. A fiberglass liner was installed recently by another company. Unfortunately, they forgot to reconnect the sink drain into the main line. We had to dig…in our family room…under the carpet…three day after having the house cleaned and the carpet shampooed by the other guys.

Paul and Al shared our story, as well as the difficulties that other companies put us through (long timeline, disorganization and destruction of property). They were there for us. These guys were able to dig up the family room without any problems. To create a containment zone, they set up ratcheting posts (floor to ceiling). To protect the carpet, they laid several drop clothes. They even put the dirt in trash cans, instead of on the slab. I was also shocked by this tidy plumbing company.

The job was completed when they left and was taken for the previous company. The family room was spotless until the carpet men could fix the carpet and pad that they had folded (neatly). Three days later, there is no evidence that SOS Plumbing was present.

They were open about the scope of the project as well as the pricing. They were honest and true to their word. They promised ONE day and it was 3/4 of the day! They definitely deserve a place on my “Good Vendor List”. This is a very strict list for a business owner who is knowledgeable in plumbing. I have the knowledge to understand their process and to know (ahead-of-time) that these guys are honest, hardworking, clean, and well paid to think! We are both so relieved that we have made it through this.

We fix Sewers Without Excavating

SOS Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service has been recognized as the leader in the Orange County region for trenchless technology. This is a method that cleans drains and clears sewer lines using trenchless technology. Referrals from customers and other plumbing businesses are a large part of our business. In fact, the number of requests from other plumbers for consultation and the number they send us to confirm our trenchless technology expertise.