Steps to a Book Translation

Translating a book into a different language is not out of the ordinary. Millions of people worldwide are fans of reading. However, that is only possible if they relate to the book. As an author, you may have spent uncountable hours typing and transferring the concepts onto paper. Therefore, a book translation must reflect the hard work to justify the original literary content.

Reasons for translation

Before the author submits a book for application, they must identify the reasons for said translations. Is the book a literary piece with an international audience? Is it a debut piece intended to attract multi-cultural readers?

A Turkish translation service will start the book translation, factoring in the reasons provided by the client. A book translation requires a lot of effort and managing time. Therefore, you must also consider your budget for book translation too. Another component to consider is whether you wish the book to be published physically or digitally. These goals must represent the modern reader rather than dated trends to ensure a successful book translation.

Recognize the reader

The next step involves identifying who will be reading the translated version. The target market or the target reader is pivotal to the book’s success. It will undoubtedly result in more significant profits and loyal readers. Following are a few factors to consider when deciding on the target demographic.

  • Which locations will book sell more?
  • The genre of the book and its cultural implications
  • The novel theme and its cultural consequences after translations
  • The market size
  • Does the reader gravitate toward e-learning as well as print?

Readers are just like customers. Their trends and perceptions are constantly changing, which the author must analyze in a book translation.

Hire a translator

After identifying the key reader, the next step involves hiring a language service provider. We understand that finding a business that works alongside your goals is challenging. Kings of Translation ensures the book translation does not devalue the original composition while maintaining the original message.

We undertake research and introduce the author to a competent translator who will

  • Communicate with the client efficiently
  • Is familiar with working with deadlines
  • Understands the limitations of a book translation
  • Has previous references to cement the client’s decision
  • Previous translations for international readers include samples from their portfolio

Edit the book

A Turkish translation service will focus on editing and proofreading the translation. The post-translation quality assurance controls add quality and ensure content cohesion. However, this is not the last step to a successful book translation. But there is no denying editing is an undeniable value-adding part of the procedure.

Proofreading will identify spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies. Furthermore, it will also ensure that the sentence structure is readable. While the translator focuses on the content, an editor will concentrate on making the content readable. Therefore, Kings of Translation incorporates the editorial department into its logistics for every project.

Publish the book

Lastly, a Turkish translation service will publish the book when errors have been removed, and the content flows beautifully. We suggest beginning publishing in your home country and diversifying into international readers. Hence, the book reaches the millions of people identified in steps one and two.

Furthermore, you can self-publish the books on online markets or hire a publisher to do it for you. Regardless of who you choose, you must adhere to the publication guidelines in your region. Assuming you pick to release the translated copy on your website, Kings of Translation will optimally localize the content for your benefit.

Save money by working with Kings of Translations.

Collaborating with Kings of Translation is a fruitful adventure. We provide translations, editing, and proofreading under one roof. We provide quality translation services at cost-effective rates. Visit our website to submit a quote for a book translation or visit our office for face-to-face meetings with our linguists.