The Electrician’s knife – Safety in Mind

Every Electrician’s knife tool bag will contain an electrician’s knife. Most knives can cause puncture or laceration injuries to their users. Slice(r), the only knife with safer blades, is finger-friendly (r).

There are many safer Slice cutting tools available that can be used by electricians.

This video shows you how the Slice Manual Utility knife cuts through wire insulation easily without damaging the wires. The Slice tool is liked by the demonstration electrician “because it doesn’t cut me”.

Electricians don’t use one type of knife. The knife they use will vary from one job to the next. The best electrician’s knife will depend on your personal preferences and the requirements of the job at hand.

What is an Electrician’s Knife used for?

Let’s take a look at what an electrician does when cutting. Although the uses of a knife will vary, one task every electrician must perform is to cut wire insulation.

The surface you are cutting is small and easily moves–wires wisler plumbing are designed to bend after all–there are high chances of your blade slipping. This is where dexterity, tool safety and tool safety are especially important.

Other uses for electricians’ cutting tools include cutting through plastic and rubbery electricians’ tape. An electrician needs a versatile Electrician’s knife that can also be used to cut wires.

Electricians will need to use Slice Cutting Tools

Slice general-use tools are also available for electricians, including the Manual Utility Knife and the Folding Utility Knife.

Folding knives are fixed-blade tools. Open the Electrician’s knife to reveal the blade. Close it to store the blade in the base of your handle. The pivot point has a finger-ring that makes it easy to store and is convenient for grabbing when you need the knife.

Proper Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the design of work environments and tools that are as efficient and as comfortable for users as possible. It addresses the following questions regarding tools: Can you move naturally to do the job? Is the tool comfortable in your hand? Is the handle balanced and properly weighted? Is it easy to use, hold, and grip the cutter?

These are important questions to ask when selecting a safer electrician’s knife. Good ergonomics reduce arm and hand fatigue. Fatigue is the main cause of injury.

Another safety concern in the workplace is repetitive stress injuries. Good ergonomic design reduces these risks.

Safe Blades

Blades can be dangerously sharp at first; this is true for both ceramic and metal blades. Most ceramic blades are sharper that metal blades, in fact.

Slice has created a safe and effective blade. Our patent-pending blade manufacturing process is finger-friendly.