Things To Consider When Choosing Your Guttering

Guttering is one of the key components to any roof structure, as improper installation can expose your roof to water damage and reduce its value over time. If not installed correctly, your gutters could become vulnerable to leakage that damages both your home and its value over time. At Steel Superstore, we understand how essential it is to find a suitable steel guttering system for any given project. That is why we provide an array of steel guttering and downpipes.

When looking for new gutters, there are many considerations that need to be kept in mind when purchasing them. These include budget dimensions, aesthetics and long-term durability. Perhaps the most significant consideration should be the materials used for construction; you have options such as aluminium casting iron guttering or steel and aluminium gutters available to you.

Local weather

Selecting the appropriate guttering material can be difficult; therefore it is essential that you consider local climate before making your selection. In the UK, plastic guttering has long been preferred over its more durable aluminum counterpart due to its weight and cost advantages; you can purchase plastic guttering at most B&Qs with ease, and its range of colors makes it a popular choice among UK homeowners. But for regions such as Scotland which experience strong winds or heavy rainfall it may be worthwhile looking into aluminum or cast iron alternatives as more permanent solutions.

Material Used

Each material used on your roof has its own lifespan and aesthetic influence, such as aluminum gutters which typically last 10-20 years with regular painting maintenance required; steel gutters however tend to rust faster without an anti-corrosive coating applied over them.

Size of gutters

The dimensions of gutters is of great significance when choosing gutters; their dimensions will depend on both your roof type and installation location. Steel gutters come in sizes 100mm, 125mm and 150mm for two meter and three meter installations respectively. In areas where rainfall levels are heavy such as Northern England or Scottish Highlands you will likely require deeper-running gutters made from aluminum cast iron steel to meet local conditions – Gutter Warehouse offers deep run guttering made of these materials as an option.

If your roof slopes, it is essential that you consider how this affects the size and capacity of the gutter. A large enough gutter must be installed so as to hold enough water without overflowing into other places or spilling over.

Cost of gutters

When installing new gutters, the expense should be one of your primary considerations. While gutters can be quite pricey, if properly installed they will help protect against water-related damage to your property and help to keep costs at a minimum.

At Rainwater Solutions of North Texas we recommend selecting a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing rainwater solution. While uPVC may seem economical now, over time you could end up coming back to B&Q for replacement gutters; while metal gutters require no maintenance while still looking beautiful.


As previously discussed, aesthetics play an equally essential role when shopping. Gutter selection should complement your home and its colors should help determine what material and color combination would work best; do silver and neutral hues make your home appear modern while aluminium gutters have become one of the more popular choices for older properties; its seamless joints make cleaning much simpler!

Cast iron guttering is more weighty than aluminum, yet ideal for heritage properties. Cast iron lasts longer but requires greater attention in cleaning. Steel is often chosen due to its eco-friendliness and can even be painted to match your house – Zambelli steel offers anti-corrosion coating against rust and oxidation for extra peace of mind. Furthermore, consider matching your rainwater system to one of our beautiful water butts!

Shape and Design

Gutters typically come in half-round profiles; however, rectangular gutters have become increasingly popular over recent years – particularly among commercial buildings. Installation processes vary depending on what kind of metal gutter you select but generally can be installed by professional DIYers or by yourself if possible. A variety of styles are available so that you can select what best meets your requirements, some featuring classic design while others sporting modernized looks.


Gutter color should be considered when purchasing new gutters. Consider your roofing material’s hue and ensure your new gutters match it; otherwise they could appear out-of-place when placed next to each other, like when living in an all white home with black gutters contrasting against all that lightness. To prevent this from happening again, find gutters with neutral hues or colors that complement those found within your home itself.

Maintenance and Installation

Guttering is an investment that will last long term for most homeowners, making a long-term difference to both durability and leak protection. Proper installation and maintenance is necessary in order to achieve these benefits, with cleaning guidelines readily available online or available through our website for you to purchase gutter guards as needed.

Installation can be difficult due to several factors, including roof pitch and angle, slope of ground or proximity with other buildings. Steel gutters tend to be easier and faster to set up.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair Tips

If the thought of climbing an elevated platform makes you queasy, why not hire a gutter maintenance service provider instead? They are experts at taking care of this job for you.

Avoid making minor gutter repair problems into major headaches by learning these important gutter maintenance techniques.

Safety First

Prior to beginning to clear gutters, make sure that you are equipped with all of the appropriate safety gear. You should wear extra-long work gloves with non-slip footwear and goggles; and have an adequate ladder positioned on a level surface so it will avoid rocking; it would be wise if someone stood by your side to help ensure its stability.

As you climb a ladder, ensure that your hips remain within the rails and do not lean out to either side of it, leaning against one step at a time or using any two step as steps for work. When gutters exceed one story tall or there are nearby power lines, professional gutter services may be recommended to avoid potential risks.

Regularly Cleaning Your Gutters

Regular gutter maintenance extends their lifespan, keeping your home’s exterior in excellent condition for longer.

As a general guideline for cleaning gutters, it is a best practice to inspect them at least twice annually – in spring and autumn if possible – though this schedule can change – you may need to perform more frequent maintenance work if required.

Clear Your Roof

Maintain Safety when Clearing Roofs Always remain safe when climbing high peaks such as roofs. Avoid climbing when conditions are wet or icy or when there are strong winds; in such circumstances use a rake to clear away leaf litter and debris.

Maintain your roof by learning the appropriate methods of care for it. Make sure that when it rains again, water won’t collect in your gutters and cause blockages to form. Make sure you are well informed on the best techniques to use when maintaining your roof.

Check for Rust, Leaks, and Holes

After cleaning the gutters, don’t neglect to inspect them thoroughly for signs of rust or leaks as well as cracks in your gutter joints – these could easily be repaired using metal flashing kits found at home improvement retailers.

If the joints leak or the holes are small, sealant may help. If however, rust appears it’s an indicator of wear-and-tear that requires replacement; copper, aluminum or vinyl gutters might be better options as they don’t succumb to corrosion as easily.

Check the Downspouts

As with your downspouts, it is also necessary to inspect them regularly. Look out for leaks, rust or any clogging, while making sure that they drain away from your house so as to prevent too much water being directed onto its foundation.

Eliminate Pests and Rodents

Animals and pests could have found shelter in your gutters, creating an issue for many reasons. Nesting wildlife could block off drainage; infestation could enter your house; rodents attract snakes which pose another slithery risk; rodents could lure snakes directly onto your property and pose another challenge altogether.

Blockages may collect water that becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes, compounding your problems further. Elimination of pests should be left to professional service providers; bees or snakes on a ladder shouldn’t be something you have to face firsthand!

Update Your Gutter

While most gutter maintenance is focused on functionality, upgrading can significantly enhance curb appeal by upgrading gutters. Aluminum may be suitable if space is at a premium – an economical solution could include installing aluminum gutters.

They don’t corrode, can be painted over, and last a long time; plus, they are cost-effective. Unfortunately, however, you should hire a professional installer as it would take too much of your time for you to install them yourself.