The bathroom should be a place where you can unwind and relax after a hard day. You can create a serene, tranquil space with calming colours, bright window treatments, high-end fixtures, low-maintenance plant options, plush towels and vibrant window treatments. To get inspiration and help you complete your bathroom renovation, read on.



A spacious layout is still a top trend in primary bathrooms this year. Talk to your contractor about your requirements to create a stand-alone space that is unique and modern.


A wet bathroom is an open-concept bathroom. The wet room usually has a tiled area that can be used for bathing, with a drain at the center. This layout does not include glass doors, shower curtains, or screens, as well as bathmats and other items like glass doors. There are many options available, from minimalistic to modern designs, that will suit your needs and room’s personality.


It’s a great way to give character to your bathroom. This is why it’s one of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends for 2022. The overall aesthetics of a room can be enhanced by choosing fixtures that match its style. You can go modern with sleek lines and lever handles. For a more traditional look, porcelain details and cross handles can be added to give it a vintage feel. To maximize functionality, it is important to install bath fixtures like valves and showerheads at a suitable height.


Thicker countertops are more elegant, sophisticated, and sleek than traditional vanity tops. You don’t have to choose slabs that are only 1-1.5 inches thick. Instead, you can select one that is 3-6 inches. This will give your vanity the look you want. You can transform your vanity into the focal point of your bathroom with this addition. For a stylish, elegant bathroom or powder room, marble counters with intricate veining or coloured quartz make a great choice. If you prefer a more unique design, you can choose a minimally textured or nude-coloured countertop.


Natural finishes and warm neutrals are very popular for bathrooms in 2022. However, it is important to pay attention to the details when designing a room. Curved lines can soften the overall appearance and create a more welcoming and comfortable space. This is what a well-designed and designed bathroom should be about. Curved details can be added to windows, doors, vanity, arched ceilings and other areas. You can also incorporate curving lines into tiles and fabrics. You can follow the trend and still have a bathroom that is unique and striking.


Your bathroom can feel more serene if you add thoughtful accents and accessories. These are some great bathroom remodeling ideas that will help you achieve this look.

  • Add mirrors and soft glowing lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • To keep your bathroom clean and orderly, install shelves and storage cabinets.
  • If you enjoy a good soak, a tray for the bathtub might be a good idea.
  • To transform your bathroom’s overall appearance, add textiles. Soft handcloths and plush towels are popular options.
  • To have a spa-like experience at your home, keep good bath and body products on hand.


Because they can add an amazing finishing touch to a space, plants are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. According to research, one third of homeowners who renovate their homes add greenery to the space. They are the perfect accessories to make your space feel spa-like and visually pleasing. They will help maintain a calm environment and purify the atmosphere, which will keep your bathroom feeling clean and fresh. To add colour and natural touches to your space, you can choose plants that are lush and love humidity.


While cooler greys are well-liked for bathrooms, the trend is shifting to warmer shades and subtle nudes like creams and beiges. These are some color combinations that you might consider for your bathroom remodeling project:

  • For creating a relaxing bathroom, white walls with light blue fixtures and polished accents is a great idea.
  • For a warm, inviting space, brown tones, creamy whites and beige make the perfect combination.
  • To create the warmth of a sunset, use a neutral hue. To create a stunning room, you can add accessories in light-blue.
  • A classic color scheme for a bathroom is seafoam, vintage-silver, and white.
  • You should also consider rich neutrals such as taupe or wood tones.


A top trend in bathroom design is to use bold wallpaper to cover space from ceiling to walls. This idea is great for bathrooms with soft edges. Keep the edges curvy with cabinets and arched mirrors, and other similar details. You can also be creative with handles and fixtures by adding a bar cart to hold hand towels, soaps and candles.


Look at the smell of the space. You can add greenery to your bathroom or use essential oils to create a relaxing retreat in your home. Popular choices include peppermint essential oils, lemon oil, and tea tree oil.