Top Tips for Door Lock Maintenance

Although the front door provides protection for our homes from the elements, intruders, and the outside world, it is often neglected in terms of maintenance. Here are our top tips for keeping your front door in tip-top shape and answering common questions about maintenance. Keep your doors working properly, maximizing its lifespan and protecting security by reading the following tips. Londoner Locksmith has been providing high-quality local locksmith services for many years. Call one of our qualified staff members today to make an appointment. Londoner Locksmith is a top-rated company that provides emergency locksmith services to clients throughout London, UK. Our professional security technicians have many years of experience working alongside all types of clients and are committed to making sure each session is customized to your specific needs.

Make sure your door is correctly hung

A frame and a handle are required for locks to function properly. If a door isn’t properly hung, it can cause problems like lock failure.

Spring clean your door locks

You should clean your front and back doors as if you were cleaning a house. You can use mild soap or detergent and lukewarm warm water to clean them.

Lubrication is essential

The inside of your lock should also be clean. It is important to regularly lubricate your lock’s internal parts to ensure it works properly. This is one of the most neglected aspects of lock maintenance. Spray a little lubricant in the keyway, then gently move the key into and out of the lock. Finally, remove any debris and put it back in the lock.

Proper care for keys

Incorrectly using keys in locks can result in damage or loss of the key, which can cause inconvenience and hassle. Pushing on your keys to close the door behind yourself, forcing the lock to open when you are met with resistance, and pulling the key out of the lock forcefully are all examples of improper use of keys. This puts pressure on locks, making them more vulnerable to jamming or breaking. When inserting keys or opening locks, we recommend that you use your key gently and not forcefully.

Take care of maintenance and care

Handles can become loose or break easily from excessive wear. As with keys, a handle should not be too rough. This allows the latch to release from the catch and the door can open. Door handles can be damaged by excessive weight, forceful entry, and rough use.