Wax Melts: A Home Fragrance Evolution

For more than two thousand years, candles have been a staple part of our homes, though not much has changed about them until recent years, when the fragranced wax and wick were separated and the wax melt creation took off.

Wax melts are just that – scented wax. But are there any benefits to using wax melts?
Realistically, they work in tandem with our fast-paced lives and desire for constant change. Remove the wick, the bulk and the container, and they can be incredibly affordable – meaning you can switch and change between them at your heart’s content.

You pair them with an electric wax warmer or a more traditional tealight burner and they release a scent as the wax heats. This also allows for quick change or removal of the wax melt – allow it to cool in the warmer’s dish, then remove carefully with a knife. If the fragrance has spent, you can discard of them – if the fragrance remains, you can switch to another wax melt scent and use your wax melt whenever you feel a need for that scent again.

The explosion of wax melts has seen an explosion of scents. Nuscents are one of the leading wax melt manufacturers in the UK and boast a stocked wax melt collection in excess of 150 fragrances and growing. They manufacture traditional candles too, but report selling twenty wax melts for every candle they sell.

Nuscents also explain that because of the removal of wick and the way the wick, wax and fragrance work together, they’re able to load the wax melts with increased fragrance, meaning a stronger, longer lasting product at a reduced cost.

It is this ease of switching, replacing and not having to worry about trimming wicks, as well as being a lower cost alternative which we believe means wax melts will be here to stay.