Whites Plumbing: Instruction for PE Pipe Making Machine

Whites Plumbing PE Pipe Making Machine has great stiffness, flexibility, heat resistance and aging resistance. It also offers high medical strength, resistance to environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep, heat-linkage and resistance to environmental stress cracks. It is a preferred gas and water pipe between city and suburbs, and plays an important part in the city’s gas and water supply.

The PE pipe making machine is highly automatic and stable. Many customers love it. It is the best option to replace an imported production line. Use a new technology electromagnetic induction controller for controlling the electromagnetic heating rings. The electricity use ratio is greater than 98%. This can help you save up to 50% on electric energy.

Whites Plumbing Features of PE Pipe Making Machine

Excellent hygienic qualities: PE pipe doesn’t add any heavy metal salt stabilizer to its processing. The material is non-toxic, there’s no scaling layer, and no bacteria are infested. Secondary pollution of urban drinking waters is also well solved.

Excellent corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion by various chemical media, as well as a few strong organic compounds. No electrochemical corrosion.

PE pipes are safe to use for longer than 50 years, provided they are maintained at the rated temperature and pressure.

High impact resistance: PE pipes are strong and tough. The pipe can be directly pressed by heavy objects without cracking.

Reliable connection performance. The PE pipe heat fusion and electrofusion interface’s strength is greater than the pipe body’s, so the joint will not become disconnected from soil movement or live loads.

High performance construction: Light pipeline quality, easy welding process, efficient construction and low engineering costs.

Pipeline Connection

Electric welding: This is a method that uses an electric welding machine to join straight pipes, straight pipes, and pipe fittings. This is used for tubes less than 160mm.

 Hot-melt Butt Joint: This joint is connected using a special butt welding pipe. It can be used to connect more than 160mm pipes.

Steel-plastic connection: It is possible to connect it by thread screw, flange or other methods.

Proper Tools are Needed to Ensure Construction is Smooth and Quality

  • Area of application for PE pipe
  •  System of water pipes in cities
  •  Urban and rural water pipes
  •  Urban sewage pipelines.
  • Whites plumbing industries include chemical, chemical fiber and food, forestry and printing and dyeing as well as pharmaceuticals, light industry and papermaking.
  •  Agricultural irrigation pipelines.
  •  Power cable protection sleeves for post and telecommunication lines.
  •  Mine mortar pipeline.
  • We can also design equipment to fit your PE pipe production line.