Wisler Plumbing: Air Jobs (Even for the Educated).

Wisler Plumbing is Simply Not True

Wisler Plumbing ask the guy who came straight from college with a bachelor’s degree and started working with us. Or the man who brought his Master’s degree to us.

Why Did They Choose Wisler Plumbing and Air? Because they are smart?

They saw the potential and security of plumbing, as well as the advancement possibilities that it offers. They are determined to achieve something greater. They have the drive, determination, and ability to reach their goals.

They are Quick Learners, Just like you. You get it

To truly excel, you need to have a lot of experience, responsibility, and skills. Wisler Plumbing and Air can help you if you are just starting out in school or if you want to reload and start a new career.

  • Why Work in Plumbing?
  • Why is plumbing a career? What is it that this industry offers that others don’t?
  • Security is one word.
  • As long as everyone has plumbing, there will be a need to hire plumbers.

Plumbing is a similar industry to other industries. The basic elements are the same as any other industry. There won’t be any training that will make you obsolete in just a few years. Despite technological advances in the field, plumbers will not be replaced by robots.

  • Earn Money as a Master Builder
  • Education can be expensive.

Because there is no Bachelor’s Degree in Plumbing, we can provide exceptional training.Instead of asking you for student debt in the hundreds of thousands, we pay you to teach.

You Can Read it Again. To Learn, We Pay You

We provide the best training and education available in the industry. We would be the Harvard of plumbing if we were a university.

You’ll learn while you earn when you join Wisler Plumbing and/or Air. This is a significant expense for us. It’s well worth the effort to teach you the correct way (aka “The Wisler Way”)

  • Experience is not required
  • You read it right. Plumbing experience is not necessary.

We don’t think so. For many years, we haven’t employed an experienced plumber. We would however, put our team up against any other experienced plumbers in this industry.

You might be thinking, “Okay Mr. Wisler. If you don’t want an experienced employee, then what are you looking for?”

Good question. These are the Three Qualities we Look for When we Judge someone

  • Humility
  • Drive
  • Communication skills for interpersonal communication

These Traits are not Required for Wisler Plumbing and/or Air

You can learn faster if you are able to accept mistakes and have the humility to admit them. This makes it easier for everyone to have a great work experience.

  • Other desirable and hirable characteristics include…
  • Competency
  • A well-groomed, professional image
  • Ability to quickly learn
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • “Yes sir. Yes ma’am” manners
  • A can-do attitude
  • A strong dislike of cutting corners