Excessive inhalation of smoke, gas or toxic fumes continues to be the leading cause of death from a fire accident. To reduce the danger to occupant safety, fire barriers in buildings are built to stop the spread of flames or smoke. Foam Spray Insulation Ltd has been in business for more than 25 years. With a team of highly skilled applicators who have many years of experience in spray foam insulation, Foam Spray Insulation Ltd is located in the UK’s heart. Carefour offers live-in care in Oxfordshire. It’s easy to arrange a live in carers.

What are the uses of fire curtains?

Fire-resistant barriers such as curtains and fire doors can be integrated into buildings to create compartments. Large commercial buildings present multiple challenges in building compartmentation. Open plan layouts are becoming more popular. This is because fire doors cannot be used due to lack of walls. Fire curtains can be used in places where fire doors are not possible.

Where can you install fire curtains?

Curtains can be placed in many different places than Fire doors. For example, a fire curtain can be used as a replacement for a non-load bearing wall or fire-rated glazing. This allows open plan buildings to still comply with relevant regulations.

Fire curtains can be used to control smoke and fire from the lift shaft.

A building’s fire-resistant curtains or doors have three primary purposes: to stop the growth of a fire, prevent its spread, and protect escape routes. A fire curtain fitted correctly can reduce the spread of smoke and suppress the growth of fire in a building.

Specification and compliance for fire curtains

BS 8524, which provides detailed guidance on specification, and installation, is an important standard for the fire curtain industry. Only third-party certified fire curtains products can be granted compliance under BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2. The manufacturer must also have a UKAS accreditation for the third-party assessing bodies. Coopers Fire is a close collaborator with Warrington Fire and IFC Certification Ltd, both UKAS-accredited certification bodies.

A vision panel for fire curtains: The benefits

Approved document B, which is the UK’s building regulations and contains fire shutter door specifications, doesn’t require fire curtains to have vision panels. A vision panel can be an invaluable aid for first responders if a fire curtain is used in place of a doors. There is an increasing demand worldwide for the ability see through curtains.

A fire curtain serves two purposes: it protects occupant safety and provides protection for firefighters as they extinguish the flames. First responders must evacuate occupants from buildings in an emergency. Fire curtains with vision panels may be helpful. A fire curtain or another barrier can be deployed and may prevent first responders from doing their job. It can be made to look like a window and allows smoke and flames to be identified in different parts of the building. This could save valuable time during an evacuation.