How to spot a Cowboy and why it is important

Tree surgery can be dangerous. This is a dangerous business. This article will help you distinguish the Stetson-wearing and horseshoe-throwing tobacco-chewing cowboys from the pros. Bark and Branch tree specialists are experts in vegetation management, from tree surgeon in manchester to invasive plants. All of our tree surgery, site clearance bark and branch, vegetation and invasive weed control work is done with pride. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and professionalism, from the beginning to the end.

Where did the cowboys originate?

There will always be people who look at a career and, despite not having the right training or foundational knowledge, believe they can ‘have it’. If money is tight or the prospects for employment are poor, or when there is economic uncertainty, there will be more opportunityrs and customers willing to pick their tree professional based solely on price.

Cowboy tree surgeons are dangerous

This could put your life and property in danger. Tree surgeons work with dangerous equipment that requires special training. Because they don’t have the skills or knowledge, the cowboy operator may endanger their life.

First, your trees could be in danger. Although they may appear solid and immovable, trees are delicate organisms. They can get infections, bleed and die just like us. The damage to your trees could be catastrophic if a cowboy is allowed to roam free. Inadvertent jagged cuts, unsterilised equipment and messy pruning can all lead to a decrease in fruit crop yields and impede growth. You put your trees in serious danger if you allow a cowboy to tame them.

This poses a danger to your family, friends and neighbors. Poor tree surgery can make limbs more vulnerable to breaking and less secure. This can impact the stability of your trees, and increase their vulnerability to being blown over in storms. Inadequate safety standards could also put at risk the cowboy and anyone else who is near them.

Ask questions to identify the people you need to expel from your property

Sometimes it can be awkward to ask someone for proof that they are qualified to do what they have just said they could do. But in this instance, we think these are some questions you should ask before anyone touches your trees.

Are you able to provide a written quote? A tree surgeon should be able to give you a breakdown of their plans and the cost. Avoid the cowboy approach of giving you a verbal price and then trying to charge you another after they are done. If they refuse to give you a written estimate for the project, say goodbye and let them go.

Can I see your certificate and are you insured? An arborist should be able provide proof of insurance and evidence that their employer is covered. Their insurance should provide minimum coverage of PS5m. Insufficient or non-existent insurance may mean that you aren’t financially protected in the event of a catastrophic loss or damage to property or people. You should call your insurance company to verify that their insurance is valid. Some cowboys will use fake documents and cancel insurance after they receive the certificate.

Which qualifications do you have? Each member of the team must be able to operate dangerous equipment in dangerous environments. Tree surgeons should be trained by the National Proficiency Tests Council. They should have at least certificates in using a chainsaw, trimming small trees, aerial rescue, first aid, and chainsaws at height. The more training a tree surgeon takes on, the greater their pride in their work.

Which professional organizations are you a part of? There are many professional organizations in the UK. The main two are the Arboricultural Association of Lantra. These professional organizations are voluntary and require companies to adhere to certain standards.

Do you have any references that you could provide? Every arborist and tree surgeon worth his salt should be able provide you with a list of happy customers. You should not trust them if they refuse to provide references from happy customers.