Texas Plumbing Supply: the Supply House of 2016

Texas Plumbing Supply TPS is known for its outstanding service. Laban Richter, Victory Plumbing Co’s purchasing manager/estimator, says that Texas Plumbing Supply TPS is a great choice. They go above and beyond for every customer, no matter how small or large the order. copper 90 or a truckload pipe.

Product Specialists

Texas Plumbing Supply TPS currently employs 75 people in Texas. There are two locations in Houston, Brenham, Round Rock and Austin. Fuller hopes to open a fifth location in central Texas by 2017. Fuller’s company specializes in new construction residential and business plumbing. This includes multifamily housing plumbers, and mechanical contractors. They also offer repair and service contracts for residential and commercial plumbing.

Terry Snyder, CEO/co owner, and Christina Fuller are the other members of the management team. Nathan Jarmon, IT, Nathan Flowers, pricing and purchasing agent; Ethan Flowers and Ethan Flowers are special projects. Son Jeremy Fuller is head of purchasing. Joey Fuller is outside sales. Jacob Fuller is inside sales. Michele Gonzales handles accounting. Steve Anthony is branch one manager. Steve Choate and Steve Choate are branch two managers. Larry Benker.

Texas Plumbing Supply TPS also supports contractors by sending its employees to product training classes, both provided by the manufacturers and industry organizations.

Fuller has included his cell phone number on all of his business cards so that his customers can reach him at any time. Each branch manager has the power to make daily decisions without Fuller’s approval. This allows business to run smoothly and quickly for customers.

Southwest Plumbing Co. has been growing its business with Texas Plumbing Supply TPS over the past 25 years.

Ashik Revdiwala (Vice President of Southwest Plumbing) says, “With any success, there must be a backbone.” “Texas Plumbing Supply has made us feel like we are the first,” says Ashik Revdiwala, vice president of Southwest Plumbing. They have been there for us every step of the way, from the helpful and knowledgeable countermen to Terry Snyder and Glenn Fuller to my amazing outside and inside salesmen Travis Elrod, and Reading Cotton.

Texas Plumbing Supply TPS isn’t afraid to partner with plumbers.

Ricky Stephenson is chief financial officer at Sonny’s Plumbing. “The decision to become Texas Plumbing Supply TPS trade partners was easy and straightforward.” Their company leadership was great to work alongside. They were great to work with. Texas Plumbing Supply TPS’s ability to adapt to our needs from one project to the next.